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Signage, Waymarking & Access

Signage & Waymarking
The Group undertook a way-marking interpretation scheme, featuring finger posts, marker posts and information panels for use in certain locations where the route of the line is still accessible or visible. This initiative was launched in November, 2016 in conjunction with the developers of the solar farm at Paddock Wood, and the first information panels were sited at Paddock Wood Station with Southeastern Railway in July, 2017, with further interpretation features following at points along the line.

Horsmonden Hop Pickers Line Information Panel Unveiling
Hop Pickers Line Directional Arrow
Finger post marker The Hop Pickers Line
Monolith Hop Pickers Line
Information Board Hop Pickers Line
Paddock Wood


The Hop Pickers line route can be viewed from the following five public access points:

Paddock Wood
A few hundred yards to the east of Paddock Wood Station there is a footbridge which crosses the railway line. From this bridge, a section of the original line can be viewed looking west (What3words; bluntly.regrowth.cocoons). The Hop Pickers Line Information Board can be found by the station entrance.



A few of the buildings which formed part of the railway station at Horsmonden are now occupied by a private business but can be viewed from the public road (approximately What3words; lush.finer.simple). The railway crossed the road a little further east (What3words; tightrope.object.icicles).


The railway line crossed Station Road (the A262) to the southwest of Goudhurst. Please be aware that this is a main road with a hazardous bend. Views of the railway line from the nearby public footpath can be largely obscured by relatively dense seasonal foliage, and may be better viewed during winter months.  Walk east along the public footpath from the junction with the A262 (What3Words; worlds.timer.pocket), parallel to the line about 10 metres on your left (north). Then turn left (north) at the first road junction in a few hundred yards (What3Words; invent.hooks.elect).  Views in both directions from the southern end of the road bridge (immediately before the side walls) where it crosses the line a few metres ahead (What3Words; swear.widely.together), can be rewarding. There is another Hop Pickers Line Information Board situated near the village pond in Goudhurst (What 3words: squabbles.occurs.props)


Cranbrook Station was accessed via a small road from Hartley Road. It is now a private road with several businesses using the old station. There is a footpath running a short distance to the north of the station, ( but visibility of the station building is largely obstructed.


Plans to continue the line beyond Hawkhurst were never realised and it stopped at the northern edge of the town on the Cranbrook Road. The original end of the line is still clearly visible from the road.


There is now a private industrial estate at the site of Hawkhurst Station, adjacent to the main road, although it is difficult to see further heritage links from the main road.

Paddock Wood footbridge over the former branch line of The Hop Pickers Line
Paddock Wood
Paddock Wood Footbridge and removed line track
Photo supplied and 
© of Sarah Hamilton
Site of the Horsmonden railway station on the Hop Pickers Line
The site of the old railway station at Horsmonden
Former site of Hop Pickers Line railway line crossing and Information Panel
Site of railway line crossing and information board near Goudhurst
Goudhurst Village Hop Pickers Line Information Panel
Information board near the pond in Goudhurst
Private Access Road to the former site of Cranbrook Station
Hawkhurst End of the Hop PickersLine
Hormsmoden Access
Access road to site of Cranbrook Station
Hawkhurst - End of the line showing the embankment and stonework
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